Reclaim Your PPI Refunds Today Befo...

Anyone could argue the Financial Conduct Authority sided with banks when it established the mis-sold PPI claims deadline on August 19, 2019. But the f...

NASA Plans To Give Back Mars Its At...

A "giant magnetic shield" to help protect future inhabitants from solar winds and to bring back its once-rich atmosphere is proposed by NASA scientist...

Trump Administration Poised To Impo...

With the intention to safeguard the United States, US President Donald Trump had signed an executive order barring US travel to seven Muslim-dominated...

Travellers Still Obsessed With Turk...

There is something about Europeans and Turkey that could not set them apart. With the recent nightclub shooting in Reina in the Turkish city of Istanb...

Reclaim Your PPI Refunds Today Before The Deadline

Anyone could argue the Financial Conduct Authority sided with banks when it established the mis-sold PPI claims deadline on August 19, 2019. But the fact is, the deadline would mean the lack of legal support from the government and it would cut off arrangements with PPI claims management companies who could have a direct contact to banks. Listed here are three ways to beat the deadline before it gets crowded and to ensure your bank could not refuse your complaint.

Data Access Request

All banks offer a Data Access Request that allows consumers to pay only a £10 fee so their banks could procure all their information even beyond the six-year limit banks often state as reason to hide certain data. Once the request is processed, consumers could look through their bank details and verify their payment of PPI.

Financial Ombudsman

The Financial Ombudsman Service is a free service that reviews all consumer-bank dealings and reconciliations that have gone awry. If the bank refused your PPI claim without a specific reasons that one could deem unfair, then you can have the Financial Ombudsman look through the complaint for proper evaluation.

Re-Processing Your Complaint

Claims management companies present themselves as a viable solution for problems arising from repeat PPI complaints. But only work with PPI claims companies working under a no win no fee basis to ensure results.

NASA Plans To Give Back Mars Its Atmosphere Through Terraforming Magnet

A “giant magnetic shield” to help protect future inhabitants from solar winds and to bring back its once-rich atmosphere is proposed by NASA scientists as part of its grand plan to make Mars potentially habitable. The magnet would help Mars produce an atmosphere and create water — already present in the planet — and protect it from radiation.

According to Science Alert, NASA had begun using simulations to study how Mars could earn back its atmosphere. NASA Planetary Science Division Director Jim Green said the “artificial magnetosphere” positioned between Mars and the Sun could shield the planet from huge amounts of solar winds and allow the planet to recover its atmosphere.

Minature magnetosphere research — which focuses on astronaut and space equipment radiation protection technologies — proves the technology to shield against solar winds is possible and could be used as a shield for Mars. Once the magnet is in place, it could then help Mars trigger a “greenhouse effect” to melt Mars’ ice caps and provide water. The water, also trapped in the atmosphere, would then allow organic life to once again bloom in the planet.

According to Green, the plan is purely hypothetical and only based on “physics we know today,” but the ambitious idea is not impossible but it would need advanced technologies to create a magnet that would allow other large equipment that would help further shield the planet from cosmic and solar particle radiation.

Trump Administration Poised To Impose Travel Ban

With the intention to safeguard the United States, US President Donald Trump had signed an executive order barring US travel to seven Muslim-dominated nations in the Middle East. According to the US President, it was to ensure no “terrorists would slip into the country.” District Attorney Sally Yates had first barred the executive order but the administration had removed her for “alleged treason.”

But US District Judge James L. Robart had barred the executive order once again, allowing 60,000 foreign nationals with valid US visas to enter the United States. Most of them were researchers, students and family members. Despite the ban, the current administration intends to impose the travel ban in the next few months.

According to the US government, the President alone has the power to decide who can enter or stay in the United States. Using this tenet, the US Government intends to battle judicial powers over immigration. According to Judiciary Committee Member Senator Dianne Feinstein, the appeals court would be swift in its decision to take the case to the US Supreme Court.

According to analysts, Donald Trump is finding out that he, who ” was used to getting his way during private business” is being hit by walls of “obstacles” that disable him from fulfilling his campaign promises. Trump’s lashes on social media against Robart earned him the ire of both Republican and Democratic members, with some saying there are no “so-called senators” or “so-called presidents” as they are all “appointed to uphold and defend the Constitution.”

Travellers Still Obsessed With Turkey Despite Travel Warnings

There is something about Europeans and Turkey that could not set them apart. With the recent nightclub shooting in Reina in the Turkish city of Istanbul, a number of countries including the UAE, US, UK and Australia have advertised travel warnings and continued vigilance. This only helped lower the airfare prices to head to Istanbul, which continues to attract travellers in Europe and the rest of the world.

According to the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), travel to Turkey is “generally safe” but there is possibility of continued attacks against large groups of people particularly Turkey’s tourists. According to travel guru Simon Calder, the risk is “tolerably low” despite headlines.

Calder said that Mauritius, Marmaris and beach locales in Turkey combine French, African and Indian influences that make Mauritius and Marmaris some of the best travel locations around the world. Flights to Mauritius from Heathrow are now just £654. Simon also highlighted Pathos in Cyprus as a great location to visit.

Turkish authorities are on the hunt to find the nightclub shooter in the Reina Nightclub in Istanbul. A gunman who had evaded night patrols killed about 39 people of different nationalities who frequent the nightclub. The militant group Islamic State had owned up to the attacks with authorities describing the man as having had military and guerrilla training.

Services Sector In The UK Grows More Than Forecast Expectations

The United Kingdom’s services sector has improved employment numbers fastest in April 2016. New businesses continued to rise. The sector suffered a steep fall after Brexit uncertainties and result but it is recovering smoothly for the meantime. The sector could become rattled once again after Brexit is completely executed by the legislation.

According to the Markit/CIPS UK Services PMI, the November index indicates a 55.2 from 54.5 in October, defeating economic forecasts that the value would go down to 54.0 after an earlier poll. Above the 50.0 mark, the UK economy is expanding. Further look into Markit reports indicate the UK economy could grow 0.5 in the last quarter of 2016.

Experts said that UK’s industries may be ignoring the Brexit’s results and impact for the meantime. The PMI also indicates that new businesses established in the country had helped improve employment. The weaker pound had allowed foreign investors to acquire assets and create their local establishments that need new personnel.

According to CIPS Analyst David Noble, the UK’s currency fluctuations signify the “silent undercurrent of uncertainty” in the country’s economy. He said that business sentiment is still at lowest since July. Aside from the Brexit vote, the US elections and the higher importing costs due to the weak pound will have an impact on future business expectations.

Claim for Compensation on Work Accident Injuries

Insurance — and the knowledge of claiming for insurance or even damages compensation — isn’t something you think you need until something happens to you and you’re thankful for its existence.

Employers will always provide insurance especially if you have an extremely high-risk occupation such as working in an oil mill or as a seafarer. But insurance wouldn’t save you if the negligence was your own fault. But if you can prove it wasn’t through your own fault this happened, this is when the knowledge of claiming for damages compensation truly helps.

Work accident injuries are typically physical. These are the usual causes:

  • Slip trip and fall
  • Faulty equipment/facility
  • Unsanitary environment
  • Lack of signs and warnings on hazardous events or items.
  • Lack of proper maintenance and management.

If your employers missed on addressing these issues or the cause of these issues, you could file a work accident compensation claim. It would be wise to use a work accident claims representative such as Accident at Work Claims Co to help you understand better your legal rights during a work accident negligence of another individual, party or your employer causes.

Grey areas of work accident compensation claims are environments outside of work but are within the hours of work put in by an individual.

Commute accidents are yet to be properly addressed as work accidents. But messengers and delivery personnel who encounter an injury not of their own fault can make a work accident compensation claim when possible.

Diane James Quits Ukip Role After 18 Days

In less than a month, newly-elected Ukip leader Diane James quits the position that Nigel Farage held tightly onto in the last few years.

According to Ms James, party members do not give her their support as the leader of the nationalist party.

“It has become clear I do not have sufficient authority, nor the full support of MEP colleagues and party officers to implement the changes I believe are necessary and upon which I based my campaign.”

She tweeted the statement along with a follow-up tweet thanking all her Ukip supporters attending the ‘Meet Diane’ meetings.

According to an anonymous source, James was also unhappy when she was spat at in the Waterloo station in London.

She has not formalised her nomination as a leader when she took over Ukip in a landslide victory in an election on September 16.

According to a Ukip source, Ms James filled in an official form that hands control of the party with the words “under duress” in Latin.

The reason for Ms James’ quitting of her leadership is still unclear. Some sources speculate that family reasons played a huge role in her decision to abandon the post.

However, Farage told the Press Association that he would not return as Ukip leader “for $10 million”. Asked if he’d take $20m, he replied: “No I’m not coming back, I’m retired”.

Drilling Into Your iPhone7 Will NOT Create A Headphone Port

The Internet is an amazing space for information. However, unfiltered information without critical thought can be fatal.

Especially if you own a brand-new iPhone7

A YouTube video made by TechRax saw him drill a small 3.5mm hole — which looks uncanny to the original port — and insert a speaker jack inside the small hole. The still-functioning iPhone7 played music not from the earphones but rather from the speakers of the phone itself.

TechRax or Taras Maksimuk from Ukraine said that it was a prank video. While many told him that he had helped them destroy their phones, he said that everybody knew his YouTube channel was known for smashing or destroying technology.

Still, this did not stop many people from sending him hate mail that said he was a ‘trustworthy source’ of modification information.

It may be clear that many people had tried his method that clearly does not work.

Drilling an iPhone7 may destroy the circuit that makes up the entire device. It can also destroy the waterproofing capabilities of the phone itself.

This is just one video that had turned many iPhone users to destroying their own piece of hardware. In 2013, many pranksters claimed that their iOS7 update on their iPhones effectively made their phones waterproof, which probably led to plenty of destroyed technologies in the process.

The UK’s Performance Post-Brexit

The Brexit delivered fear and hope in the hearts of many ordinary Britons. They were promised they would have better chances in mending the tiring economy. They were told it would mean a reset of Britain’s economic achievements.

Ranging from issues of immigration to economic disjunction the results of the Brexit, the results have been far from making any positive or negative anticipation a reality.

The promised £350m weekly for the NHS did not materialise despite claims from UKIP leader Nigel Farage and Leave Campaigner Iain Duncan Smith. Both sides of the party said that they did not promise that such an outcome — the additional money for NHS instead of the money being given to the European Union — could vastly improve the country’s health services.

Leave campaigners’ promises of better immigration laws and control as European laws do not restrict the passage of immigrants quickly into the United Kingdom also did not materialise just yet.

According to the campaigners, they admitted that immigration levels could not be reduced radically upon leaving the European Union. But Prime Minister Theresa May said that immigration control is important and the position of the UK now will help it re-negotiate its EU relationship to control the numbers of migrants from Europe.

For the economy, Remain campaigners promised the UK could suffer a huge economic backlash upon the trashing of many negotiations with the withdrawal of EU-UK trade agreements. The UK pound indeed fell but tourists visiting the UK — whose goods have less value — had helped pushed up and float the economy.

Britain Enjoyed Plenty of Gold Medals in Rio 2016

The United Kingdom’s athletes for the Rio Olympics are picking up speed in racking up medals against the rest of the world.

While the highest record of 65 medals was held during the London Olympics in 2012, today’s team is about to beat it with about 50 medals in tow.

Laura Trott and Jason Kenny both won gold in Cycling. Meanwhile, in the Women’s Sprint, Rebecca James and Katy Marchant took silver and bronze. Gymnasts Amy Tinkler and Nile Wilson had won bronze, which brings about 50 medals in Great Britain, making the country the second in the table of medals.

Kenny, equalled Sir Chris Hoy’s British record of six gold medals and looks certain to pull clear because at the age of 28 he could have two more Olympics left in him. He held his nerve after the keirin was restarted twice because of alleged infringements by riders.

Gymnast Tinkler faces getting her GCSE results when she returns home but will go back to school with a bronze medal around her neck after the youngest member of Team GB also became the country’s youngest medallist for 32 years, since 15-year-old swimmer Sarah Hardcastle in Los Angeles.

Tinkler stood on the podium with the winner of the floor exercise, Simone Biles of the US, regarded as one of the greatest gymnasts of all time. Tinkler was  given special permission by South Durham High School to sit her GCSEs over three years.