Diane James Quits Ukip Role After 1...

In less than a month, newly-elected Ukip leader Diane James quits the position that Nigel Farage held tightly onto in the last few years. According...

Drilling Into Your iPhone7 Will NOT...

The Internet is an amazing space for information. However, unfiltered information without critical thought can be fatal. Especially if you own ...

The UK’s Performance Post-Bre...

The Brexit delivered fear and hope in the hearts of many ordinary Britons. They were promised they would have better chances in mending the tiring eco...

Britain Enjoyed Plenty of Gold Meda...

The United Kingdom's athletes for the Rio Olympics are picking up speed in racking up medals against the rest of the world. While the highest r...

Diane James Quits Ukip Role After 18 Days

In less than a month, newly-elected Ukip leader Diane James quits the position that Nigel Farage held tightly onto in the last few years.

According to Ms James, party members do not give her their support as the leader of the nationalist party.

“It has become clear I do not have sufficient authority, nor the full support of MEP colleagues and party officers to implement the changes I believe are necessary and upon which I based my campaign.”

She tweeted the statement along with a follow-up tweet thanking all her Ukip supporters attending the ‘Meet Diane’ meetings.

According to an anonymous source, James was also unhappy when she was spat at in the Waterloo station in London.

She has not formalised her nomination as a leader when she took over Ukip in a landslide victory in an election on September 16.

According to a Ukip source, Ms James filled in an official form that hands control of the party with the words “under duress” in Latin.

The reason for Ms James’ quitting of her leadership is still unclear. Some sources speculate that family reasons played a huge role in her decision to abandon the post.

However, Farage told the Press Association that he would not return as Ukip leader “for $10 million”. Asked if he’d take $20m, he replied: “No I’m not coming back, I’m retired”.

Drilling Into Your iPhone7 Will NOT Create A Headphone Port

The Internet is an amazing space for information. However, unfiltered information without critical thought can be fatal.

Especially if you own a brand-new iPhone7

A YouTube video made by TechRax saw him drill a small 3.5mm hole — which looks uncanny to the original port — and insert a speaker jack inside the small hole. The still-functioning iPhone7 played music not from the earphones but rather from the speakers of the phone itself.

TechRax or Taras Maksimuk from Ukraine said that it was a prank video. While many told him that he had helped them destroy their phones, he said that everybody knew his YouTube channel was known for smashing or destroying technology.

Still, this did not stop many people from sending him hate mail that said he was a ‘trustworthy source’ of modification information.

It may be clear that many people had tried his method that clearly does not work.

Drilling an iPhone7 may destroy the circuit that makes up the entire device. It can also destroy the waterproofing capabilities of the phone itself.

This is just one video that had turned many iPhone users to destroying their own piece of hardware. In 2013, many pranksters claimed that their iOS7 update on their iPhones effectively made their phones waterproof, which probably led to plenty of destroyed technologies in the process.

The UK’s Performance Post-Brexit

The Brexit delivered fear and hope in the hearts of many ordinary Britons. They were promised they would have better chances in mending the tiring economy. They were told it would mean a reset of Britain’s economic achievements.

Ranging from issues of immigration to economic disjunction the results of the Brexit, the results have been far from making any positive or negative anticipation a reality.

The promised £350m weekly for the NHS did not materialise despite claims from UKIP leader Nigel Farage and Leave Campaigner Iain Duncan Smith. Both sides of the party said that they did not promise that such an outcome — the additional money for NHS instead of the money being given to the European Union — could vastly improve the country’s health services.

Leave campaigners’ promises of better immigration laws and control as European laws do not restrict the passage of immigrants quickly into the United Kingdom also did not materialise just yet.

According to the campaigners, they admitted that immigration levels could not be reduced radically upon leaving the European Union. But Prime Minister Theresa May said that immigration control is important and the position of the UK now will help it re-negotiate its EU relationship to control the numbers of migrants from Europe.

For the economy, Remain campaigners promised the UK could suffer a huge economic backlash upon the trashing of many negotiations with the withdrawal of EU-UK trade agreements. The UK pound indeed fell but tourists visiting the UK — whose goods have less value — had helped pushed up and float the economy.

Britain Enjoyed Plenty of Gold Medals in Rio 2016

The United Kingdom’s athletes for the Rio Olympics are picking up speed in racking up medals against the rest of the world.

While the highest record of 65 medals was held during the London Olympics in 2012, today’s team is about to beat it with about 50 medals in tow.

Laura Trott and Jason Kenny both won gold in Cycling. Meanwhile, in the Women’s Sprint, Rebecca James and Katy Marchant took silver and bronze. Gymnasts Amy Tinkler and Nile Wilson had won bronze, which brings about 50 medals in Great Britain, making the country the second in the table of medals.

Kenny, equalled Sir Chris Hoy’s British record of six gold medals and looks certain to pull clear because at the age of 28 he could have two more Olympics left in him. He held his nerve after the keirin was restarted twice because of alleged infringements by riders.

Gymnast Tinkler faces getting her GCSE results when she returns home but will go back to school with a bronze medal around her neck after the youngest member of Team GB also became the country’s youngest medallist for 32 years, since 15-year-old swimmer Sarah Hardcastle in Los Angeles.

Tinkler stood on the podium with the winner of the floor exercise, Simone Biles of the US, regarded as one of the greatest gymnasts of all time. Tinkler was  given special permission by South Durham High School to sit her GCSEs over three years.


Crisis-Hit Banks in Europe Will Negatively Affect World Economy

Europe’s biggest banks can possibly induce a global financial meltdown in just a few more weeks. With Italian financial firms inducing worry, the growth of the global economy could potentially be revised don for the following year to 3.3 per cent from 3.5 per cent.

Research from the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR), the Eurozone’s outlook could have it take the largest hit. Britain’s Brexit has added to the reduced forecasts.

Italy’s own banking system is weaker and appears to be more fragile according to the report.

Dr Angus Armstrong, director of macroeconomics at NIESR, said: “Balkanisation of EU finance comes at a time of financial fragility in the Eurozone banking system.

“This has added to the financial pressure on some of the largest European banks and the whole banking sector in Italy.

“As a consequence, growth in the Eurozone is revised down from 1.7 to 1.3 per cent in 2017.”

According to Chief Market Analyst of CMC Markets UK Michael Hewson:

“Investors are slowly realising that with every spin of the central bank policy chamber the magazine is getting emptier, and in the absence of any will or ability of politicians to step up, central bank policy will continue to move into the realms of the more experimental with every passing day.

“If last week’s European bank stress tests were designed to bolster confidence in the European banking sector it is becoming quite clear that they have failed abysmally.

“Far from boosting confidence they appear to have helped undermine it by focussing attention on what wasn’t tested,

Lindsay Lohan Believes Suicide Squad is About “Hurting People”

Lindsay Lohan has no beef towards the actors, producers and the staff of Suicide Squad. But in her Instagram post — which she shortly deleted, Lindsay explained the movie was helping to hurt people rather than “helping the world.”

In her hashtags is the story of her argument. These include ‘#nice #bless #turkey #staysafe’ with the words ‘a suicide squad story is not helping the world but hurting people. Anger is not the answer for peace.’

The post was deleted shortly after it was posted. While it didn’t draw much controversy, it showed Lohan’s disgust for violent films.

It can be recalled that Lindsay Lohan starred in a Robert Rodriguez film starring Danny Trejo as Machete. She had posed as a violent nun. This may nullify her claims.

But Lindsay raises a proper point regarding the shooting in Nice. But she may be implying that violence in film and arts are influencing today’s children and even adults to see that violence is okay.

Suicide Squad, a DC Comics series pertaining to the supervillains of the DC universe fighting together to save the United States from imminent international threat in exchange for lower sentences, is to hit the screens the following quarter this year.

Conservative Party to Start Voting For New Leadership

After British Prime Minister David Cameron had stepped down as leader of the UK’s Conservatives, the new round of voting for the new leader is about to begin.

UK Home Secretary Theresa May is currently leading as a favourite among Tory MPs. Behind her is Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom.

Along with them is Michael Gove, Stephen Crabb and Liam Fox, all hoping to succeed David Cameron’s position.

Meanwhile, London Former Mayor Boris Johnson who had campaigned heavily for vote leave has declined his race to Conservative Leadership and run to Prime Minister. The step-down is controversial as Michael Gove declared Johnson “unfit” to lead the new Britain.

On Monday, the candidates made their causes clear to members why they are the next Conservative leader during parliamentary hustings.

Mrs May made clear her cause is to make EU nationals in Britain to be part of the negotiations before the UK declares Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

Mr Gove and Mrs Leadsom said the EU should have their right to stay protected in the United Kingdom.

Mr Johnson backed Mrs Leadsom as being “kind and trustworthy” and has the drive to deliver what the Brexited Britain needs.

Orland Shooter’s Wife May Face Additional Charges

Omar Mateen, the shooter of Orlando Nightclub Pulse that killed 49 individuals, may have his wife involved in his posthumous conflict.


Noor Salman did not want to cooperate with police upon investigating his actions in the gay bar at Pulse.

US prosecutors had convened a grand jury to investigate Mrs Salman.

Early reports from police said she tried to thwart her husband’s shooting spree in the Pulse nightclub.

Noor Salman faces about 49 counts of murder and 53 counts of attempted murder. This is in proportion to the 49 killed and 53 wounded by Mateen during the attack. Salman has yet to be arrested.

According to a source, Mrs Salman may have been calling and communicating with shooter while inside the nightclub.

US Senator Angus King, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee which received a briefing on the investigation, told CNN that “it appears she had some knowledge of what was going on”.

“She definitely is, I guess you would say, a person of interest right now and appears to be co-operating and can provide us with some important information,” he added.

According to US media, Salman had gone with Omar Mateen to buy ammunition. It was also said that she had driven him to the nightclub on a previous occasion for surveillance.

Corporate Infiltrations and Espionage Caused By Faulty Passwords

According to tech giant Microsoft, it would be banning “easy” passwords such as “123456” and “password” in its database. This is to aid and prevent the increasing numbers of hacking in the modern world of telecommunications.

A Microsoft blog post indicated that 10 million accounts are attacked daily because of faulty and weak passwords.

Now, the brand is developing new algorithms that would make it mandatory to create a difficult-to-guess password for the security of not just accounts but also for corporate accounts.

It would be compiling a “banned password” database. The information on this database hasn’t been revealed yet.

In a world where passwords are the last line of defence for credit cards, bank accounts and other databases carrying sensitive information.

Movie titles are also banned in the password hitlist.

Cybersecurity experts said using different passwords for different accounts rather than having a master key could help avoid incidents of hacking. When one site is cracked, the same password can be used to hack other accounts.

The announcement comes timely after a group nicknamed “Lazarus” had infiltrated several known banks all over the world.

“Accelerated” Drug Research Urged By Influential Study

According to the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance in mid 2014, about one million people have died from infections coming from common diseases.

The review said that medicine is “being cast back into the dark ages” as superbugs would be capable of killing someone every three seconds by 2050 unless governments and the world act to prevent it.

According to the study, infections are becoming greatly resilient against known drugs. The “battle” has the world’s best drugs lose rapidly and is becoming a “risk as big as terrorism.”

The study highlighted a new strain of bacteria that could resist colistrin – the world’s most potent drug of last resort.

The review recommends the following:

  • An urgent and massive global awareness campaign as most people are ignorant of the risks
  • Establishing a $2bn ($1.4bn) Global Innovation Fund for early stage research
  • Improved access to clean water, sanitation and cleaner hospitals to prevent infections spreading
  • Reduce the unnecessary vast antibiotic use in agriculture including a ban on those “highly critical” to human health
  • Improved surveillance of the spread of drug resistance
  • Paying companies $1bn (£0.7bn) for every new antibiotic discovered
  • Financial incentives to develop new tests to prevent antibiotics being given when they will not work
  • Promoting the use of vaccines and alternatives to drugs

Lord Jim O’Neill, the economist who led the global review, told the BBC: “We need to inform in different ways, all over the world, why it’s crucial we stop treating our antibiotics like sweets.

“If we don’t solve the problem we are heading to the dark ages, we will have a lot of people dying.

“We have made some pretty challenging recommendations which require everybody to get out of the comfort zone, because if we don’t then we aren’t going to be able to solve this problem.”